The Historical Site

The Nazi Forced Labor Documentation Centre on  is located at the historical site of a former forced labor camp that has been largely preserved. The camp was erected in the middle of a residential area at the end of 1943 by the “General Building Inspector for the Reich Capital” (GBI), under the direction of Albert Speer. The 3.3 hectare grounds contained 13 stone housing barracks and a central administration building.

The “GBI-Lager 75/76” (its abbreviation in contemporary documents) was built for 2,160 male and female forced laborers, but was not filled to capacity. More than 400 Italian forced laborers, including military internees, were housed here along with male and female civilian forced laborers from different countries. In 1945, during the final months of the war, two additional barracks also served as living quarters for female concentration camp prisoners who were forced to work at the Pertrix battery plant.


Forced Labour in the Daily Round 1938-1945
Accompanying book for the permanent exhibition
, Editor: Andreas Nachama, Christine Glauning, Berlin 2013

Batteries for the Wehrmacht. Forced Labour at Pertrix 1939-1945
Accompanying book for the special exhibition, Berlin 2015

Gedenkorte No. 6
Documentation Centre on Nazi Forced Labour Berlin-Schöneweide

1. edition, 24 p.